We created Blue Bull to partner with authors and publishers in order to bring books to their full potential. Good design, formatting, and clear branding will let a book find its way to the people who want to read it.

Every book has an audience; we can help you find yours.

If you’ve made it here, you are probably an author who is already familiar with the indie publishing (self-publishing) business model. You may also be a representative of a small publishing house. If so, carry on and let’s find out if we’re the designers for you.

If you are interested in but unfamiliar with indie publishing and the way the indie publishing business model differs from the traditional publishing business model, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed right now! The authors’ forums over at Kindle Boards are a great place to get some background.

Services offered include: ebook formatting, print interiors, cover design, marketing graphics (website banners and promotional materials), customized chapter headings, upload assistance, brand critiques, and consulting.

Blue Bull is strictly a flat-fee business. We will never ask for a percentage of your royalties.